Universal Beat Union

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Photo Gallery

Aug 28 2015: Steel City Space Rock BBQ @ Spirit

UBU+Scattered Planets joint jam, Aug 28 2015

Charmaine (Scattered Planets) with Paul, Aug 28 2015

Aliens gettin' down to UBU & Scattered Planets

Thunderbird Cafe, UBU CD Release 2015
Photo by Larry Rippel

Miko the Cat, UBU CD Release 2015
Photo by Larry Rippel

Club Cafe, Charmaine Evonne CD Release, Feb 2015

Super Red Giant cover photo shoot, Oct 2014

Space Jam at Coyote Grove, July 2014 (with Charmaine)

A production session, June 2014

In studio with Charmaine Evonne, April 2014

A jam with Standing Wave, Thunderbird Cafe, March 2014

Cavo Lounge, March 2013

UBU with The Orange & Fuzzy

Soundcheck at Cavo Lounge

Guitarist Paul Ferraro at Cavo Lounge

Rex Theater, November 2012

The Underground, Sandusky, OH, July 2013

Irma Freeman Center, April 2012

Shadow Lounge, February 2012