Universal Beat Union

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Universal Beat Union is a 3-piece progressive electronic/rock fusion band from Pittsburgh. With diverse tastes and backgrounds spanning space rock, jazz, punk, house/techno, classical, progressive metal, folk, psychedelia, and worldbeat, this fiercely creative trio serves up an intriguing blend of musical styles that suddenly seem to have more in common than anyone thought. A captivating symphony of three!

"... without a doubt one of the best live electronic acts I've ever seen in the city" - Sunset Till Sunrise Promotions

Paul Ferraro



Paul Ferraro has played with the Earthworms, Slowpoke, Ronda Z, Raised By Machines, and Standing Wave.  He weaves together modern effects and a wide variety of playing styles to add energy and cinematic beauty to everything we do. Even the most cynical listeners have been smitten by the "colorful palette" of Paul's guitar.

DJ Firefly



Nancy Steadle (DJ Firefly) has hosted a weekly electronic radio show on Pittsburgh's WRCT FM since 2005, and currently serves as the station's electronic music director. In Universal Beat Union, she programs synthesizers, plays keyboards, and twiddles knobs.




Eric Steadle has played in football stadiums and concert halls, bars and art galleries. His creative rhythmic and percussive styles are influenced by drumline rudiments, swinging jazz riffs, the complexity of progressive rock, and the measured time of electronic beats.